Carolina Speech & Feeding Center


A Carolina Speech & Occupational Therapy Facility

Our Services

We offer many specialized feeding and swallowing serices.

Our Services

We offer a multitude of services to help with your child's feeding and swallowing issues.  Some of the more common areas that we treat are listed below ...

Tube Dependency

We can help your child to decrease or eliminate the need for the tube and proceed to natural intake and start eating on her own.

Oral Motor Weakness

Decreased muscle tone or coordination of the muscles of the mouth can make eating difficult and can prevent a child from eating certain textures.

Food Aversion

We can help when aversion goes beyond normal choosiness and into an area where parents find they need to call for additional support.  We work to troubleshoot the possible medical reason for a child's discomfort during meals 


Chocking during meals or having to thicken foods for safer swallowing? We can help make eating safe for your child.

Breastfeeding Difficulty

Not every baby has a strong enough latch or the strength to nurse effectively. Our therapists have the experience and can help you with a better feeding experience.


We can help with therapeutic alternatives to a frenectomy or tongue tie or to provide post-procedure therapy.  If you have questions or would like another opinion, we have a unique perspective.

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